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Blast Off to Infinity at Hall des Lumières' Immersive Space Exhibit in NYC

Have you ever dreamt of soaring through the cosmos, past twinkling stars and fiery nebulae? Now, you can embark on a celestial adventure without leaving Earth's orbit, thanks to the breathtaking revival of Destination Cosmos at NYC's Hall des Lumières. This immersive exhibition, back by popular demand until April 7, 2024, lets you wander through a universe of swirling galaxies, vibrant planets, and awe-inspiring cosmic phenomena.

Prepare for liftoff! In collaboration with NASA and The National Center for Space Studies, Hall des Lumières has crafted a visually and sonically dazzling journey spanning 13 sequences and a prologue. Get swept away by a curated soundtrack as you:

  • Witness the dawn of space exploration: Be enveloped by 30-foot-tall projections of constellations and stars, embarking on a voyage that traces humanity's quest for the final frontier.

  • Relive the thrill of the Apollo missions: Journey back to the 1960s and experience the iconic moon landing through Neil Armstrong's historic footprint and immortal words.

  • Glimpse the future of space travel: Dive into the construction of the first Artemis rocket, humanity's latest leap towards the stars.

But hold on, the adventure's just getting started! Get ready for:

  • A breathtaking tour of our solar system: From Earth's majestic beauty to the Martian vistas captured by the Perseverance rover, accompanied by David Bowie's legendary "Life on Mars."

  • A cosmic finale beyond imagination: Immerse yourself in breathtaking images from NASA's space observatories and jaw-dropping photographs captured by the James Webb telescope.

Destination Cosmos is more than just an exhibition; it's an experience that ignites the imagination and sparks a sense of wonder. So, book your tickets for $36 (adults) and prepare to blast off to a universe of infinite possibilities right here in the heart of Manhattan. Don't miss this chance to touch the stars without leaving Earth!

Join the Elite Art Club and share your cosmic adventure with us! Use #EliteArtClubCosmos and tag us in your photos and videos for a chance to be featured!

Remember, the universe awaits!

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