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OpenAI announces team to build ‘crowdsourced’ governance ideas into its models

Imagine a world where robots and computers don't just whiz and whir, but listen to our wishes and sing along to our values! That's the awesome dream of OpenAI's brand new "Collective Alignment" team, and guess what? You're invited to join the chorus!

Think of it like this: AI used to be a bit of a mystery box, humming and hawing in its own robot language. But now, OpenAI wants to throw open the windows and let everyone chip in ideas for how AI should behave. Like a giant, super-smart singalong where every voice matters! ✨

Why is this so cool? Well, imagine a robot helping with chores who never forgets to put away your toys (finally!). Or a computer game that's fair to everyone, no matter if you're a coding whiz or a button-mashing beginner. That's the power of having AI that reflects what WE think is right and fun! ‍♀️

Of course, some grown-ups might worry about robot choirs getting out of tune or someone trying to turn up the volume on their own ideas. But that's why we all need to join in! By sharing our voices, big and small, we can make sure the AI singalong stays happy and harmonious.

So, how can you be part of the fun? Well, just keep thinking of awesome ways you'd like robots and computers to act. Maybe you want them to help clean up parks, tell silly jokes, or even write bedtime stories with fluffy unicorns! Share your ideas with OpenAI, with your friends, with everyone! The more voices we hear, the better the AI choir will sound. ✨

Remember, this is a chance to build a future where technology is our friend, not just a fancy gadget. So crank up the volume, grab your imaginary microphone, and get ready to sing your heart out! Together, we can make AI as awesome, inclusive, and fun as a giant playground full of talking puppies and rainbow ice cream!

Who knows, maybe one day AI will even write a song about us, the amazing chorus that helped make it sing!

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